Modern Communication

This week in class we talked about letter writing in forms such as books, music, and TV shows and we also discussed aspects of modern day letter writing. One example of modern day letter writing was from an 11 year old girl who wrote to thank her mailman. It was really kind of her and I think we often take the mail people for granted but they do have an important job and it was nice of her to acknowledge that. I also find it really cool that this girl likes writing letters to people because that doesn’t seem like something a lot of people do now especially at that age. I feel like kids now and even 11 year olds really grew up with having a lot of access to and use of technology which definitely has pros and cons. Meanwhile people my age used technology but even though it wasn’t that long ago, it wasn’t as advanced as it is now where you can really do so many things using only one device. I’m wondering what made this girl become interested in letter writing. I don’t know if at that age I would have been comfortable writing to many people especially ones that I didn’t know. I think sometimes people look at workers in these types of jobs differently than they would look at someone else. I was wondering if people from my town would do this but unfortunately I think a lot of people wouldn’t want to partly because of prejudice. I know that I don’t know my mailman at home at all or really anything about him except how he looks. This article made me want to make sure I’m thanking and acknowledging people who do important jobs that we may not always think are that important. This girl is a great example for everyone. In class we also talked about hand written letters being less convenient and slower but I think we often forget that so many people actually depend on physical mail to make a living. Sending mail is keeping people in work which was definitely important during the pandemic. Talking about modern day letters has made me want to receive some because it really is meaningful to me. I’ve realized that I’m so focused on texting, email, and social media that I haven’t checked my Muhlenberg mailbox in awhile. Although I don’t think there is anything in there. I have a mailbox at home but I’m not used to having to actually go somewhere to pick up mail. At home, if we do ever get anything that’s not junk mail or for the wrong person, it’s just at the end of the driveway.

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