Final Weekly Writing

Over this semester I have grown a lot as a writer. One big improvement I noticed is I’m more comfortable with adding and finding quotes for papers and also making sure I’m citing everything the correct way. I’ve realized how important it is to include quotes and evidence especially when you’re trying to prove a point. Another improvement I’ve seen is in my analysis. I’ve seen that in the topics we have covered I was able to talk about them in detail without sounding too repetitive. That has always been a problem for me where I feel like I keep saying the same thing or don’t know what else to say. Something that really helped me was having Olivia in the class and being able to meet one on one. I’m usually not very comfortable sharing my writing but she helped me so much and it was nice getting help from another student at Muhlenberg. I learned a lot about the structure of writing and how not everything has to be or should be a five paragraph essay. I feel now I can be more creative with my writing because I don’t have to necessarily follow a certain format. An area to improve on is writing fiction. I found this a lot harder than writing an essay because I had to make everything up and make sure it made sense. There aren’t as many requirements for fiction as there are when you are writing about a specific real topic.

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